VINIF.2021.DA00199 – Synthesis of recombinant sgp130 to target IL-6 trans-signalling and application for treatment of some human cancer types in intro and in vivo

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GS. TS. Nguyễn Lĩnh Toàn & TS. Nguyễn Thị Mai Ly
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Học viện Quân Y

Project goals

  • Synthesis and purification of recombinant protein sgp130. Sgp130 is a specific inhibitor of the pathogenic IL-6 trans-signalling pathway and does not interact with the protective immune IL-6 classic signaling pathway.
  • Evaluate the anti-cancer effect of the product in an experimental model.

Project main tasks

  • Design and select the sgp130 coding sequence and create cell lines that sustainably express the designed sequence.
  • Procedure for synthesizing and purifying recombinant sgp130 protein.
  • Determine the characteristics of recombinant sgp130 protein such as purity, interaction with IL-6 signaling pathway.
  • Evaluate the anti-cancer effects of recombinant sgp130 in an experimental model.

Project impact

  • Establishing and optimizing the recombinant protein synthesis process.
  • The product is recombinant protein sgp130. IL-6 signaling has a central role in the protective immune response, through the classical IL-6 signaling pathway. While excessive activation of IL_6 signaling promotes malignancy through the IL-6 trans-signaling pathway. Currently available IL-6 signaling pathway inhibitors inhibit both of these pathways, leading to undesirable immunosuppressive effects. Sgp130 only inhibits pathologic IL-6 signaling but does not inhibit protective classical IL-6 signaling. This product has the potential to inhibit the cancer-promoting IL-6 signaling pathway, thus being a potential candidate for cancer treatment. Notably, compared with existing signaling pathway inhibitors, sgp130 has a superior advantage because it does not inhibit the protective immune function of IL-6 signaling, so the immunosuppressive effect can be avoided. unwanted translation.
  • The product sgp130 has the potential to treat cancer and reduce unwanted effects. The success of the research is the premise for developing recombinant protein sgp130 on a larger scale. Products have the basis to be supplied to the market at competitive prices, at least for the domestic market.
Chủ nhiệm dự án
GS. TS. Nguyễn Lĩnh Toàn & TS. Nguyễn Thị Mai Ly
Tổ chức chủ trì
Học viện Quân Y


Expect Progress
Phase 1

– Phase 1 summary report;
– Plasmid carrying the gene encoding protein sgp130;
– Animal cells sustainably express the sgp130 coding sequence.

Phase 2

– Phase 2 summary report;
– 01 process for synthesizing and purifying recombinant proteins;
– 01 manuscript article submit to Q1 international magazine.

Phase 3

– 01 application for registration of copyright and product intellectual property;
– Phase 3 summary report;
– 02 articles accepted for publication in international journals Q1 (01 article in the middle of year 3 and 01 article at the end of year 3).