VINIF.2021.DA00128 – VAIPE: AI-assisted IoT-enabled smart, optimal, and protective healthcare monitoring and supporting system for Vietnamese

Principle Investigator
Prof. Do Ngoc Minh
Host Organization
Vin University

The project proposes, designs, evaluates, and tests VAIPE, a smart system applying artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, helping users collect and manage health-related data, and support users in personal health care. VAIPE consists of two main components: an application that interacts directly with users (called VAIPE applications), and a data processing system that operates on servers (called VAIPE servers).

Main tasks of the project

The VAIPE application is a software that runs on smartphone platforms, providing users with a unified interface, helping to collect all health-related information from many different sources, including photos of documents such as prescriptions and medical records; photos of objects such as pills/vials, heart rate charts; digital signals obtained from IoT devices. In addition, the VAIPE application provides an interface to visualize data analysis results and predictions about the user’s health status. The VAIPE application is equipped with many smart functions to support users in health care and disease treatment such as: automatically reminding medication schedules; Identify medications and remind you of taking the wrong medication, warning of the risk of disease at an early stage.

Project impact

This project has a major impact in many aspects, including theory, practice and education. First of all, the project will promote related theoretical problems and achieve many influential research results in many fields such as machine learning, data mining, blockchain technology, optimization. In practical terms, a smart health care system will bring direct benefits to Vietnam, a developing country with an urgent need to improve health care for its people. People will be empowered to easily manage and share their own health data, receive useful advice and disease risk warnings, all done with respect for user privacy. By engaging students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the project will also have a significant impact on the education and training of the next generation of engineers and scientists.


Principle Investigator
Prof. Do Ngoc Minh
Host Organization
Vin University


Expect Progress
Phase 1

– 01 system design.
– 01 data collection and labeling platform.
– 02 labeled datasets for prescriptions and pills.
– At least 03 conference papers in rank A or Q1 journal articles.

Phase 2

– 05 draft papers for rank A conferences or Q1 journals, acceptance dependent on the review process timeline.
– 02 standardized, open datasets of prescription images and pill images.
– 02 patent applications submitted in Vietnam, with notifications of acceptance from the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office.

Phase 3

– Organize 02 competitions on medical image recognition.
– 01 patent application submitted in Vietnam, with an acceptance notification from the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office.
– 03 papers accepted for publication in Q1 journals or rank A conferences.
– Support 02 master’s students (with theses related to the project content).
– Support 02 PhD candidates (conducting research related to the project content).