VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA225 – High-performance GIS data acquisition and digitization system (Mobile Mapping System)

Principle Investigator
Mr. Huynh Khac Minh Khoi
Host Organization
Mapdas Co., Ltd

Map data is one of the essential data for many industries (management of urban area, resources, electricity, advertising, tourism, digital map services, navigation, …). However, the current collection of map data in Vietnam is facing many barriers:

a. Data collection productivity is low, coordinate errors are large, images are not intuitive due to the use of non-specialized and cheap equipment. If specialized equipment is used, the equipment cost is very expensive, and the operating and maintenance costs are also very expensive.
b. Characteristics of Vietnam’s environment cause many difficulties even with specialized foreign hardware systems, such as poor GPS infrastructure, many narrow roads and small alleys.

Aware of the above limitations, the Mapdas team has researched and developed solutions to collect and digitize data with advantages such as competitive price, high productivity, easy maintenance, and quality output data and optimal for the Vietnamese environment.

To solve the stated problem, Mapdas implements a set of solutions including:

a. Specialized hardware system for many different collection methods (motorbikes, cars, …).
b. Research and deploy highly accurate positioning algorithms.
c. Research and deploy image processing algorithms and AI for automatic data processing.
d. Specialized data digitization software.

The expected output product will be a complete set of solutions including hardware, software and data collection and digitization services.

PI received engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in 2007, and Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kyungsung University, Busan, Korea in 2010. During his studies in Korea, PI had a number of scientific articles and patents.

Since 2010, PI has worked for Tosy Robot Joint Stock Company until now with a number of areas of responsibility: Power electronics (power, wireless charging, motor control…); and positioning for robots (camera, IMU, ultrasound, infrared…). PI has extensive experience in hardware, algorithms and technology. Since 2017, PI has been nurturing the Mobile Mapping System project with a few friends as CTO. In 2018, Mapdas Company Limited was established. Mapdas’ prototype product has attracted interest from a number of companies and has asked for cooperation. Mapdas’ solution is one of five solutions that won the “Innovative GIS solutions and products” award by HCMGIS organized by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City.

Principle Investigator
Mr. Huynh Khac Minh Khoi
Host Organization
Mapdas Co., Ltd


Expect Progress
Phase 1

1. Camera module
2. Positioning module includes: IMU, GPS, and odometer
3. Device mount to motorbike
4. Camera parameter measurement program
5. Positioning data processing program – Mapdas Sensor Fusion
6. Monitoring and control software
7. Mapdas Editor – Preprocessing module

Phase 2

1. Camera module
2. Stereophotogrammetry algorithm
3. Mapdas Editor – Interface that supports digitizing operations on Panorama images, integrating AI to process traffic signs

Phase 3

1. Mapdas Editor – integrated AI to process house number plates, data management module
2. Digitized data on 1000km of roads in Ho Chi Minh City