VINIF.2020.DA03 – Enabling an End-to-End QoS Framework for Live 360-Degree-Video streaming in support of virtual classroom/virtual library

Principle Investigator
Assoc.Prof. Pham Ngoc Nam
Host Organization
Vin University

Challenging problem to be solved:

The reality happening in countries around the world during the quarantine period to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic shows that online meeting applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Skype… have been effective. However, it can be seen that these platforms have not created a sense of real and effective interaction between participants, especially in co-designing products or carry out practical experiments for online classes and laboratory classes. Therefore, an immersive VR system that supports online conferencing is necessary to overcome the disadvantages of current systems. With the VR system, attendees will be completely immersed in the virtual environment, interacting with other users as conveniently as in the physical environment.

Project objectives

  • Develop architecture and mechanisms for virtual reality systems that allow the transmission of 360-degree video streams directly from the server to the user with low latency and flexible adjustment.
  • Build an overall QoE model for 360-degree videos from Vietnamese user data set.
  • Develop a testbed for Virtual Classroom/Virtual Lab applications to evaluate proposed QoS/QoE solutions.

Social impact

The project’s solutions can be used for lectures and practices at Vin University and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Domestic VR research will contribute to helping Vietnam achieve all the necessary conditions to join the multi-billion dollar VR/AR industry in the future.

Principle Investigator
Assoc.Prof. Pham Ngoc Nam
Host Organization
Vin University


Expect Progress
Phase 1

•The architecture ensures QoS for Live and On-demand 360-degree video transmission
•QoE measurement mechanism for VR video transmission system
•Edge-cloud service architecture

Phase 2

•VR test system
•Create VR content for Virtual Lab lectures
•Database of 2000 samples of Vietnamese users’ behavior and VR service experiences.
•QoE model client-server solution for VR video
•01 international conference proceedings article

Phase 3

•02 Q1 magazine articles
•02 Q2 magazine articles
•02 international conference papers
•01 patent applications accepted internationally and in Vietnam
•1-day workshop at VinUni
•VR testing system integrates solutions