VINIF.2020.DA02 – Vietnamese genome-based prediction of disease risks (VGP)

Principle Investigator
Assoc.Prof. Tran Huy Thinh
Host Organization
Hanoi Medical University

Precision medicine is an inevitable development of modern medicine. This development is closely tied to advances in decoding the human genome. However, the human genome differs between individuals and is specific to each country and each race. Therefore, the prerequisite for Vietnam to enter the era of Precision Medicine is to have a reference genome specific to Vietnamese people and a data set on disease-causing genetic variations. Based on data from the 1,000 Vietnamese Genomes Project (1KVG) of VinBigData Institute, the project will offer solutions to apply data from the human genome into comprehensive health care services for people.

Project goals

  • Combine short-read and long-read sequences to build the gene chart and the first complete reference genome of the Vietnamese people.
  • Create a database of functional genetic variations related to diseases, develop SNP-Chips to screen and diagnose more than 10 common diseases in Vietnam.

Social impact

  • The results of the project will contribute to establishing the foundation for precision medicine in Vietnam with direct applications in research, training, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • Providing accurate and effective SNP-Chips, suitable for screening and diagnosing genetic variations related to more than 10 common diseases in Vietnam.
Principle Investigator
Assoc.Prof. Tran Huy Thinh
Host Organization
Hanoi Medical University


Expect Progress
Phase 1

-Data includes Vietnamese reference genome beta version
-SNPs data/short insertions/reductions of Vietnamese people, RNA sequences, new long read sequences
-First article published in a Q1 international journal on the VGR genome and SNPs/Indels database (Tentative title: Hg38-Vn reference with population specific SNPs associated to disease and gene regulation) (submitted for publication June 2021)
-Recruiting 01 Master and 01 PhD student

Phase 2

– Data includes the complete Vietnamese reference genome
-Second article published in the Q1 international journal about Vietnamese Variant Genome Graph (Tentative title: A genome graph reference of the complete Vietnamese human genome) (submitted for publication 6/2022)
-01 set of SNP-Chips (500 pieces) evaluate 10 common diseases in Vietnam including: breast cancer, coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
– 01 set of Data: List of Vietnamese genetic variations; This list is shared with VINIF through Dr. Nam’s research team, published online on VinBigData’s website and is searchable.

Phase 3

-01 Analytical data set to predict the risk of genetic diseases based on genetic screening of Vietnamese people
-01 Utility Solution Patent (Reference Genome Browser to Find Disease-Related DNA Variants)
Train 01 Master and support training 01 PhD
-The third article published in a Q1 international journal about Vietnamese SNP chip and its ability to predict disease risk (Tentative title: Disease associated variants in Vietnamese population applied in clinical screening) (submitted June 2023)