List of sponsored annual projects

ProjectPrincipal Investigator, Host Organization

VINIF.2020.DA01 – Conservation and sustainable exploitation of Ellochelon vaigensis populations in the Mekong Delta

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dinh Minh Quang

Host Organization: Can Tho University

VINIF.2020.DA02 – Vietnamese genome-based prediction of disease risks (VGP)

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Tran Huy Thinh

Host Organization: Hanoi Medical University

VINIF.2020.DA03 – Enabling an End-to-End QoS Framework for Live 360-Degree-Video streaming in support of virtual classroom/virtual library

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Pham Ngoc Nam

Host Organization: Vin University

VINIF.2020.DA04 – Provide basis information on halophytes genetic resources along coastal inland salt and island of Vietnam

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Tran Van Tien

Host Organization: Dalat University

VINIF.2020.DA05 – Production of single-chain gonadotropins for fertility treatments

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Thi Mong Diep

Host Organization: Quy Nhon University

VINIF.2020.DA06 – Prediction for the progression of liver fibrosis and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and end-stage liver diseases: A novel approach using artificial intelligence technique

Principal Investigator: Prof.Dr. Tran Binh Giang

Host Organization: Viet Duc University Hospital

VINIF.2020.DA07 – Application of MUSE stem cells in artificial angiogenesis by 3D printing technology without using molds

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Hoang Thi My Nhung

Host Organization: Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology

VINIF.2020.DA08 – Preparation of graft and cross-linking type polymer electrolyte membranes using radiation technique for hydrogen fuel cell applications

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tran Duy Tap

Host Organization: University of Science, Viet Nam National University - Ho Chi Minh City

VINIF.2020.DA09 – Fi-Mi: A fine-grained AI-based mobile ai quality monitoring and forecasting system

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nguyen Phi Le

Host Organization: Hanoi University of Science and Technology

VINIF.2020.DA10 – Eye-tracking – Brain computer interface AI-based Vietnamese spelling system for severe motor disabilities

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Le Thanh Ha

Host Organization: University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University

VINIF.2020.DA11 – Big Data Analytics for Vietnamese Overseas (BDAVO)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Pham Xuan Lam

Host Organization: National Economics University

VINIF.2020.DA12 – Research-develop a novel welding technology and design-manufature an automatic welding system for butt-joint of super0thin sheets applying in frontier industrial fields

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ngo Huu Manh

Host Organization: Sao Do Univeristy

VINIF.2020.DA13 – Design and fabrication of a hybrid 3D bioprinter for laying the foundation of tissue engineering research in Vietnam

Principal Investigator: Dr. Phung Xuan Lan

Host Organization: Hanoi University of Science and Technology

VINIF.2020.DA14 – Developing a system to support fake news detection in online social networks

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen

Host Organization: University of Science, Viet Nam National University

VINIF.2020.DA15 – Efficient data-driven physics-informed optimization of manufacturing processes (EDPOMP)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tran Van Xuan

Host Organization: Thu Dau Mot University

VINIF.2020.DA16 – Forecasting air and water pollution in Vietnam with real data by machine learning and inverse problem approaches

Principal Investigator: Prof.Dr.Sc. Dinh Nho Hao

Host Organization: Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

VINIF.2020.DA17 – Development of a real-time AI-assisted system to detect colon polyps and identify lesions at high-risk of malignancy during endoscopy

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dinh Viet Sang

Host Organization: Hanoi University of Science and Technology

VINIF.2020.DA18 – Advanced sensor device and materials for large scale water data survey

Principal Investigator: Prof. Hoang Nam Nhat

Host Organization: University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University

VINIF.2020.DA19 – Analyzing high-frequency big data streams for smart manufacturing industry

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong Quyen

Host Organization: University of Science and Technology, University of Danang

VINIF.2020.DA20 – Development of novel electrochromic smart windows for building energy-saving and automotive heat shield applications

Principal Investigator: Dr. Le Hoang Sinh

Host Organization: VN-UK Institute for Research and Executive Education, Danang University

VINIF.2020.DA21 – Atomic Nanoclusters: Structure, Properties and Applications

Principal Investigator: Prof. Nguyen Minh Tho

Host Organization: Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Computational Science and Technology

VINIF.2020.DA22 – Study on expression and evaluation of immunogenicity of several plant-based recombinant antigens of African Swine Fever virus for subunit vaccine development

Principal Investigator: Dr. Pham Bich Ngoc

Host Organization: Insititute of Biotechnology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology