List of sponsored annual projects

ProjectPrincipal Investigator, Host Organization

VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA240 – AgriBiosol – A safe, organic and sustainable agro-biotechnology solution

Principal Investigator: Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Ms. Duong Nhat Linh

Host Organization: MIDOLI Co., Ltd

VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA225 – High-performance GIS data acquisition and digitization system (Mobile Mapping System)

Principal Investigator: Mr. Huynh Khac Minh Khoi

Host Organization: Mapdas Co., Ltd

VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA112 – Development of technology for producing high-performance aerogel composite materials from agricultural by-products

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Le Thi Kim Phung

Host Organization: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City

VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA094 – Development of robotic systems, sensors and software for quality investigation of bridges and construction

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. La Manh Hung

Host Organization: Automated Inspection Robots (AIR) Vietnam Co., Ltd

VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA059 – Development of collaborative robots (cobots) and smart machine elements

Principal Investigator: Mr. Truong Trong Toai

Host Organization: 3C Machinery Co., Ltd

VINIF.2020.NCUD.DA039 – Application of process for synthesizing electrode materials from rice husks to experimentally produce 4 V button-shaped Li-ion batteries (coin cells) and bag-shaped Li-ion batteries (pocket cells)

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Le My Loan Phung

Host Organization: VNUHCM - University of Science