List of sponsored annual projects

ProjectPrincipal Investigator, Host Organization

DA202_20062019 – Research and large-scale biomass raising of Littopenaneus vannamei and Penaeus monodon as feed for marine shrimp

Principal Investigator: Prof. Vu Ngoc Ut

Host Organization: Can Tho University

DA163_15062019 – Research and manufacture of high-performance activated carbon from Ginkgo biloba for application in the field of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mai Thi Nga

Host Organization: The AC House Activated Carbon Science Service Joint Stock Company

DA153_15062019 – Earable – Smart wearable device for monitoring and improving sleep quality

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Vu Ngoc Tam

Host Organization: Earable Vietnam Company Limeted

DA145_15062019 – Improvement of production and commercialization capacity of industrial manipulators

Principal Investigator: Mr. Le Dang Thang

Host Organization: VIETMANI Co.,Ltd

DA137_15062019 – Research and development of customer automated analysis and understanding platform applied in retail, e-commerce, and online advertisement

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Phan Xuan Hieu

Host Organization: University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University

DA132_15062019 – Research on measures to assess the influence and spread of information on social networks and development of a strategic administration system for influencer marketing on social networks

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hien, Dr. Huynh Le Tan Tai

Host Organization: VNUHCM - University of Information Technology (UIT)

DA120_15062019 – Research and completion of technology for separating and purificating active elements from herbs and nanotechnology of low-energy emulsifying to produce pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and products for high-tech agriculture

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lưu Xuan Cuong

Host Organization: AOTA International Joint Stock Company

DA116_14062019 – Solution for converting Vietnamese text to speech using artificial intelligence – Vbee Vietnamese Text-to-Speech

Principal Investigator: Mr. Ho Minh Duc

Host Organization: Vbee Services And Data Processing Solutions Joint Stock Company

DA106_14062019 – Research and development of the technology for manufacturing thermal infrared image sensors applied in national defense and civil security

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Tran Thuat

Host Organization: VNU University of Science

DA05_07052019 – Development of ball robots (ballbots) for assisting patients and doctors in the hospital

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Pham Dinh Ba

Host Organization: Vietnam Maritime University

DA04_06052019 – Development of ship-to-shore automatic container cranes for small ports

Principal Investigator: Assoc.Prof. Ngo Quang Hieu

Host Organization: Can Tho University

DA123_15062019 – Development of application technology of electromagnetic sensor from graphene nanomaterials

Principal Investigator: Dr. Le Tung Linh

Host Organization: Bonbouton Incorporation Co., Ltd

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