The Vingroup Innovation Foundation (VINIF) was established by Vingroup and mandated to support organizations and individuals conducting researches on science, technology and innovation and is aimed to bring about positive and sustainable changes for Vietnam.
Annually, VINIF implements support programs for research institutes, universities, young research groups and individuals, including:

  • Annual research grants
  • Scholarship for domestic master and doctoral studies
  • Seminars, talks and scientific forums
  • Scientific Council of Advisors
  • Science and Technology Awards

VINIF funds projects and scientific researches concerned with Big Data such as computer sciences, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, nano-technology, renewable energy, new generation materials … in the orientation of offering products and technology solutions that bring practical benefits to the community.
Sponsored organizations and partners are universities, research institutes and scientists having application-oriented research projects (related or unrelated to Vingroup). Projects will receive the highest possible support from VINIF ensuring salaries for research team members and their focus solely on the researches.

VINIF applies streamlined and effective management procedures encompassing the following steps:

  • Registration and a brief project proposal. Lump-sum budget will be distributed to cover project expenditures. Existing financial administration circulars for financial administration of science and technology projects will not be applied but actual project demand.
  • The selection committee includes prestigious domestic experts and foreign experts.
  • Fast pace disbursement supportive to host organizations and scientists.
  • Streamlined implementation procedures
  • Research outputs, intellectual property rights and product copyright are granted to host organizations and project leaders.

With the orientation and strategy to make focused investments in technology – industry, the goal of Vingroup is to become a world-class technology-industry-service group, in which technology takes the major proportion. VINIF supports Vietnamese scientists to formulate international-level research projects and technological solutions bringing practical benefits to the country. Through support programs, VINIF fosters the development of young, dynamic intellectuals and provides the best conditions for scientists to develop their research and innovation capabilities, thereby contributing to change the environment and research style in Vietnam. At the same time, VINIF promotes the formulation of an ecosystem that connect researchers, research institutes, universities to businesses.

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